About Us

We are A Simple Farm, LLC located in northern central Indiana where we proudly raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, and hogs; and grow everything under the sun! A Simple Farm, with simple means, and simple people.

We are proud to live life simply, and love to share our story... find us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and very occasionally Tik Tok!

I've been asked why we do this. The simple truth is we ourselves have been trying to detox our family from chemicals, toxins, plastics and began making our own items to use here on the farm. We love them all so much we wanted to share these items with you! It is nearly impossible to find items at the store that aren't packed with sawdust for filler and anti-caking (labeled as cellulose), and I for one would not eat sawdust on a normal day so why would I want it in my food? Especially in the food of my family? Plastics are everywhere and are super hard to eliminate. Slowly but surely we are finding ways around them. Don't even get me started on Aluminum...

Our Flippin' Good Spice line is a conception from start to finish of our youngest son. He wanted to find a way that he could help the farm, and build his own little empire. Youngest designs all of the Flippin' Good logos, and helps advise on product development. In his words "anything you put these spices on will be FLIPPIN' GOOD!", and that's how the name came about. The logos originally were all flipped images of whatever the spice is used for; yes, he is this smart and creative. Today his logo is more grill master themed, and simpler.

Our wearable and use able line is a "busy hands" hobby of the winter months. I enjoy crocheting and knitting useful items, and usually gift them at Christmas time; but decided it was worth a shot at trying to sell too. I enjoy candle making as well, and started offering them this past December. It has been a fun adventure to see what people enjoy, and like about A Simple Farm products.

Our dream is to expand to a brick and mortar store on the farm one day. Your support means the world to us, and we hope to share our journey along the way. 

The winter of 2022 we are going to start a cooking show on Youtube using our Flippin Good Spices! It will be hosted by Youngest, with some assistance from myself! Look for “FLIPPIN’ GOOD EATS” on our youtube channel https://youtube.com/@asimplefarm


Stay safe, healthy, and most of all remember to live a simple life!